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Airport Pick-up


The Sport Trike comes with all the features that make CSC Trike the leader in trike conversions.

The Sport delivers absolute performance, style, and comfort with a body that beautifully complements the design and curves of the bike, and suspension engineering quality worthy of the GL1500 Goldwing's legendary performance. Add our Power Trak front end to give the smoothest and most responsive steering in the industry.

In-line Driveshaft

The bottom line - the California Sidecar Trike uses an in-line drive shaft.

One of the most critical components on a solid-axle suspension, the driveline experiences more wear forces, and transfers more vibration energy, than any other component of a trike. If a drive shaft is spun in an axis that is not perpendicular to its power source, the spinning ends will try to spin in an elliptical or oval pattern rather than in a perfectly round circle. The rear end, axles, and wheels all work in unison to restrain the unstable drive shaft. The result is vibration, which causes undue wear and tear on the universal joints as well as discomfort and pilot fatigue. At California Sidecar Trike, we modify the rear end to acccomodate an in-line driveshaft. It is the only proper way to build a solid axle suspension vehicle that will safely perform to the high standards of California Sidecar.


Overall Length 108.75 in.

Overall Width 55 in

Ground Clearance 5 in. at center stand

Empty Weight 1,195 lbs.

Rated Load Capacity 625 lbs.

Trunk Storage 3.6cu.ft.(approx)

Trunk Opening 11" h x 23" w

Body Construction High Density Fiberglass cormat reinforced, mounted on steel frame

Chassis 2" Round Tubing, with electrostatic powder coat finish, internally mounted

Suspension 3 shock system; 2 Progressive Suspension, 1 Honda OEM air shock

Wheel/Tire P205 70/R14 All Season Radial

Standard Lighting 2 Saddlebag running lights, 4 rear running/brake lights, 2 turn signals

Brake System Dual Rear disc brake calipers, O.E.M. dual front calipers

Rear End Remanufactured 8" Ford - 3.00 gear ratio. Axles are cut and re-splined, not cut and welded

Drive Shaft True in-line driveshaft is machined and timed with no cutting or welding